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How're these temps?

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First, the processor info:

It idles at around 35-38c, after 20 minutes of Prime95 it never breaks 50c. I don't know the ambient inside the case, but in the house it's about 60F. I'm using a Zalman 9500A.

I ask because when I get up to around 3.8GHz overclock, the temps really start to heat up; I usually get around 45-48c idle and into the high 60's low 70's under load. I'm trying to get a stable 4GHz, so I'm trying to figure out if I should go water cooling, or try a TRUE.
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I think if you want to OC any higher, go water cooling, AMD CPUs don't like heat so its bad to keep it above 60C. A TRUE would be a good solution if you don't want/can't get water cooling.
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