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How's my new rig?

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I'm planning to upgrade and I only have to invest a little bit so I
don't mind =p

OLD: Antec 900
C2D E8400
g.skill pc2-8500 4gb
Xiggy Heatsink
GTX 260 <- keeping
samsung dvd writer <-- keeping
corsair hx520w mod psu
wd 640 caviar black <-- keeping

NEW: Azza Solano 1000
i7 860
G.SKILL ripjaws ddr3-1600
corsair h50 heatsink/water cooling ? lol
gtx 260
samsung dvd writer
corsair tx750w psu
wd 640gb caviar black

Any recommendations on things that I should change? don't really need anything better. but if close in price and better features, sure why not =p.

Thanks in advance, for your feedback guys!

BTW sorry if this is in the wrong section. not sure where else it would go to.

Also, does those g.skill ram work with my mobo because its not listed in the accepted ones. =/
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Looks decent, except the case seems to be a downgrade IMO.
pretty solid upgrades.

should be compatible on the RAM.
I like that case, kind of looks like a 1200.
Yeah not really a downgrade, the old antec 900 lacks cable management holes and a black interior, the azza is definitely an upgrade
i'd keep the case, and upgrade the GPU.
Thanks for the feedback guys.

I'm looking for something slightly bigger than an antec 900. It's great but the cable management is horrible unless i mod a hole into it myself (no time or equipment to do), its going to get crammy in there to work with.

I'm refraining from getting the HAF 932 and antec 1200 lol.

Note: I'm good with my gtx 260 for now as I'm only on a 22" monitor. Might upgrade in the future but as for now, I'm good.

Any full tower case recommendations? Thanks.
Why do you want to change the PSU? The HX520 can easily run that rig.
Ehh I was planning to sell it to a friend and get a higher watt one just to be on the safe side. Or should I just keep it and save my money? I might upgrade my video card in the future though.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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