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Originally Posted by spookedjunglist

tis ok i almost recomended upping the Vcore on the northbridge to someone with a AMD 64 a while back

ive kinda got stuck wit o/cin at the mo.....my timings are 3.0-4-4-10
my vcore is at 1550 and htt voltages are 1.7 and merory is at 2.9

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thats ok we all hit some speed buymps now and again...

First off lets see what your chip is capable of

go into your BIOS and set your FSB/memory ratio
to 3:2 [this is called running a devider]
and push your FSB incremintally [is that a word]

once you either start overheating stop there
if your temps are still fine up your Vcore
once you hit your max then record what your FSB is

This will let you know if it is your CPU or your memory that is holding you back

if its your memory just run at your max stable memory temps... maybe get some copper heatspreaders, or upp the Vdimm a lil bit...

if its your cpu and its getting a little bit hot, then check into some better cooling options for your CPU

Either way this should give you some info about what your computer is capable of and what you will need to do in the future

Good luck and Feel free to PM me with any more questions
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