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EDIT: Ok after the reboot it worked for the voltage at 1.15V in Furmark
But how to check if both cards are flashed and what about the MHz steps
Please read my post because this is what happened before the tekst you just read
(hey I speak Dutch so I've got to translate it like I think it


I flashed my (both) cards so I can choose 1.215V now.
(How can I verify I flashed both??? Does nvflash do it both at once? Because when I flashed the 1.215V mod it asked me for each seperate card. But now I tried to add the voltages and it flashed also but not asking wich card???)

So I want to flash the Voltages into my cards so I don't have to do it via software.

I want to use these 4 steps (adds about 0.09166666...V each step):
0.875V --> 0.9625V --> 1.05V --> 1.15V

And with these steps I also want to add the correct frequenties (or does the card do it by herself???)
Idle MHz --> ...MHz --> ...MHz --> OC MHz (yet to find the highest stable one)

Is this possible?

I tried with this (see picture) but after the flash and running FurMark it still shows about 0.9...V
So what did I do wrong?

For flashing V-mod I did this:
CPU-Z --> save the BIOS file
Open it with NiBitor
Tools-->Fermi Voltages-->1.215V
Saved the BIOS in my C:\\ folder
Run CMD as admin
cd/ to go to C:\\
I tried first without the nvflash -r command because I did not knew they were write-protected. So they were and I used:
nvflash -r
nvflash -b backup.rom
nvflash -4 -5 -6 mod.rom
Pressed a couple times the "Y" key and had to choose card 0 and afterwards card 1 somewhere in the progress.

After the flash I rebooted and from then the flash works only (I used Nvidia Inspector the boot with no changes yet. After reboot I could use the 1.215V if needed.

(While typing now, I realise I did not reboot yet
--> I will finish this post before rebooting as I'm too lazy to copy/paste the tekst after the reboot and also maybe someone else can learn something about it

So to continue my issue (wich might be resolved after the reboot

I used the same method for flashing like I did with the Volt mod, except:

I changed the voltages in nibitor in these 4 steps (in same tab as unlocking 1.215V)
I saved it as mod2.rom
after CMD as admin I also did cd/ to go to C:\\
but then i directly did nvflash -4 -5 -6 mod2.rom

And after that it did not asked me for flashing card 0 or 1 so I'm not sure if it worked on both? Howto verify?
And in FurMark it still shos 0.9...V

But I'm rebooting now so I'll update ya'll soon
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