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HowTo: Windows AND linux Bootloaders

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ok first off the glossary:
MBR - Master Boot Record -space at the beginning of the disk to tell the computer how to boot
PBR - Partition Boot Record - Space at the begging of the Partition to tell how to boot the computer

in windows server 2003, START -> right clik "My Computer" -> ""properties" -> "Advanced" -> "Startup and Recovery" -> "Setting" will bring you to the options menu for the NT BootLoader
if you don't have this option goto the root of your install drive and unmart all attributes of boot.ini (its hidden)
NTBL excepts windows install dirs or raw bootloader images in files
and ether the windows drive naming scheme or its own scheme

grub is usually the boot loader for Linux on x86
you must manually edit the config file which is /boot/grub/menu.lst
it excepts grub commands,

Some simple tutorials
the {} are to express variables like {your harddisk} or {os}
please replace with the requested info

device ========================= disk # = linux device
first ata chain master ============== disk 0 = hda
first ata chain slave =============== disk 1 = hdb
second ata chain master =========== disk 2 == hdc
second ata chain slave ============= disk 3 = hdd
then your sata drives are 4 and onward ========sd{letter}
(note for each cd drive or missing disk, subtract one from all disk #
past it, don't do this with Linux)
wright grub to mbr
1 boot to Linux
2 open a root shell
3 type "grub"
4 type "root (hd{disk # that grub is on},{partition # grub is on})"
5 type "setup (hd{disk # your writing mbr on})

wright grub to PBR
1 boot to Linux
2 open a root shell
3 type "grub"
4 type "root (hd{disk # that grub is on},{partition # grub is on})"
5 type "setup (hd{disk # your writing mbr on},{partition # your writing PBR on)
turn a grub PBR into a raw BL file
(note: BE SURE about your variables)
1 boot to Linux
2 open a root shell
3 type "dd if=/dev/{Linux device for target disk}{partition # for targe partiton} of=/{output file name and dir} bs=512 count=1
add a raw BL file to NT BL
1 boot to windows
2 copy the file to the root of your install dir
3 goto the config screen and hit edit
4 copy the disk location info (ie. "multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\\") to the end of the file
5 type '{name of BL file}="{title you want}"'
6 save
Add a partition grub to chainload
1 boot to linux
2 open /boot/grub/menu.lst as root
3 add:

title {some title}
chainloader (hd{disk # of windows},{partition # of windows}
4 save
wright NT BL to mbr of your first disk
1 boot to windows (or windows setup)
2 open an administrator console (or windows recovery console)
3 type fixmbr

Theres a lot more but I need to Do some Research
Comments PLEASE, this is not a Verbose, or noob frendly guide
so inprovements welcome
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This wont work if your using vista, the fixmbr function doesnt even work, you have to go Bootrec /FixMBR to get it back lol

(figured this out when grub kept giving me error 21)
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