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HP Pavillion dv1000 with Windows 7 ?

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* Processor Intel Pentium M 1.5 GHz
* Core voltage technology Ultra Low Voltage (ULV)
* Data bus speed 400.0 MHz
* Chipset type Intel 855GM


* Installed Size 512.0 MB / 2.0 GB (max)
* Technology SDRAM - 266.0 MHz
* Memory specification compliance DDR266/PC2100


Should I try installing Windows 7 Ultimate x64 or 32 for this laptop ? Would Adding the full 2GB of memory make this laptop W7 ready or is that Intel Mobile cpu too low end ?

Thanks in advance for your advice !
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32 will run decently with the added RAM.
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you'd do best to add the extra ram.

that said, win7 is decent on a stock netbook, that PC should be fine with more ram
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Yea, you'll be good to go with the 2gb of ram.

If you want to have fun, get a mobo off Ebay for the hp DV1530us. It has the 915 chipest which has the 533mghtz bus speed. Then you can pin mod your current cpu to 2.0ghtz. and your curent ram, hdd and everything else will work fine with it. I now have 3 dv1000 pc's and love them. Yea they are old by todays standards but I love them. Needless to say i've played with them a bit. lol.

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