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I'm new here, i got new job and clearance from my boss to update an HP Z400. Right now it has an Intel W3503 and 4GB RAM DDR3.

I read a little and it seems that the Intel W3680 fits in the Intel X-58 chipset with a LGA 1366 socket. Also increase the RAM up to 12 GB and install an Nvidia Quadro FX3800.

So, has anybody tried this before? problems with BIOS? anything to say?

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one of the bigest things id be cautious of is HP's in my experience use a weird sized cpu cooler despite it being a common socket. Temps should always be an issue, esepcially in OEM's.

Ram would be fine.

gpu, id be concerned over your power supply.

WIth all that said, you migt as well build one anyways.
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