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HT Bus over 1GHz

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Hey guys, need some advice here. I'm trying to push my Opteron 170 to 2.7GHz right now. There seems to be an issue when I push an HT speed lower than 800, and it might be getting fussy a little above 800 as well. Is it okay to push somewhere in the neighborhood of 1080 safely? I've got LDT at 1.3V right now, but I'm just wondering if it's safe to do or not. I get a random restart where windows just tanks if I set the HT multi on 3 (if I go anywhere under 270 on 3x, she won't even finish verifying the DMI pool). It took like 3 hrs to do last time, so currently I'm trying my luck on 4x 270 (1080).
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Originally Posted by Tobuk

having the HT bus over 1000 won't be BAD, as long as your system is stable. depends on the motherboard. for example, the Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe has been tested up to 1200Mhz HTT and worked just fine.

you gotta be kidding me???? I just got a 3700 sandy and I am waiting for my Asus a8n32. This is really good news!! just curious though did you try it or where did you find out that it can do 1200Mhz?
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