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HTC Hero Or HTC Touch 2

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HTC Hero Or HTC Touch 2

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Ok, I'm contemplating on getting one of these phones on contract. Which from these 2 is best?

The Hero is a android phone and is £25 a month (cheapest with phone free, 24 month contract), whilst Touch 2 is a windows 6.5 phone and is £20 a month (cheapest with phone free, 24 month contract).

So, which one is best?
Do give reasons.

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looking at the specs both seem the same, i personally own the hero though i have too say i would basically take any android device of windows mobile. android is just so enjoyable too use, easy to navigate threw and all.
TP2 all the way. even though it has the same hardware config as the 1st TP, it feels WAY more responsive. with all the custom ROMs and such, you can pretty much do anything that the Hero can do with a QWERTY keyboard too.

i love my TP2 and sprint for hooking it up for free
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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