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I am currentley working on a HTPC for those who dont know what that means it stands for Home Theatre PC.

I am going to be doing this a cheap as possible because its going to be used only for DVD and Music. I will not be using it for gaming although I may stick a few emu's and roms on it so it can be a standin for a PS1 N64 and an arcade machine.

So far this is what I am looking into getting for this project...

Antec Overture Case
AMD XP 2500+ Mobile
2x512Mb Scan OEM Elixir

Im thinking about a 9600XT with DVI and S-Video out and TV in but I may be able to pick up something with a bit more poke for about the same price.
Still not sure which mobo but I think I would get an nf2 board over the VIA ones.

I will have it on the network so I can access the net and use a few features. I will also try and set it up so I can connect my Sky Digi box so I can record Sky aswell as terrestrial TV to my HDD.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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