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Hey guys. A friend of mine wants me to help him build an HTPC. I really don't know much about HTPC's, and he knows little about computer hardware in general, so I obviously need some advice.

His budget is about $700 USD. He basically wants to be able to play 1080p media fine, and at least 3 TB of hard drive space (more is preferable) and a blu-ray player. He wants to use it as a media server, where he can store files and have the ability to download them through the network onto his gaming PC and his Macbook if he needs to. He doesn't care about form-factor, but smaller would be nice to have. He also wants the computer to work smoothly.

Can anyone recommend some good hardware?

P.S. Now he's asking if there's anyway he could hook up his U-verse box to the PC and basically watch TV through it. Any way to do that?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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