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HTPC or TiVo or what?

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What is the point of getting a HTPC? Is it worth the money? Alienware wants $1800 for one, alough I asume you could build one for less. Anyway, is there any reason to spend the extra money on a HTPC insted of just getting TiVo or something like that?
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Originally Posted by Hollowman8904

Well, I was going to do something like this. I dont have a TV in my room, so I was going to spend like $70 on a nice TV tuner so I could just watch TV on my computer while still doing other things.

But an ENTIRE seperate computer for TV only is a waste of money IMO.

Agreed, I just added one to my PC and its awesome, doesnt pick up all the HD or digital feeds but I still get 100 channels or so. Its great for playing online poker, watch tv while you play lol. But yea def not worth dedicating an entire PC to unless you have money to burn.
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