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HTPC or TiVo or what?

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What is the point of getting a HTPC? Is it worth the money? Alienware wants $1800 for one, alough I asume you could build one for less. Anyway, is there any reason to spend the extra money on a HTPC insted of just getting TiVo or something like that?
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Originally Posted by GatorLCA

Well, TiVo, can't do things like a HTPC can, like Surf the web play games, but still have the ability to record TV shows.

From what I've gathered you cannot record HD effectively through a cable box -> PC -> TV nor can you record digital cable since most PCI TV tuners only have a limited number of channels it can go through...like 70 something, which is nice for standard cable but that's about it.

Also, I dont want to setup antennas or what not to record HDTV, I'll spend the extra $10 for a DVR that can do that through my cable provider.

Is it worth it, yes if you dont have digital cable and want to watch TV from the comfort of your office chair. For a living room device, I'm not sure it's up to you, but it's only really good if you have a really good TV, like a HDTV since normal TVs give off a fuzzy picture when you connect them to a TV. An HDTV is pretty much like a monitor but by then you probably want HD or Digital Cable .

I'm sure you can find a use for one but I would build one yourself and save some money, but I would use the HTPC in the Office or somewhere you don't have a digital converter box but want to record regular TV shows because sometime cable companies reem you with leasing prices for extra converter boxes

So, just to sumerize here, your saying that a HTPC only really makes sense when you are going to use it as a computer as well as a HT device. If you need something thats going to sit in your HT consol, get a DVR-type device. Yes?
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