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My DVD/VCR recorder has finally died, and looking at the cost of replacing it, I thought it would be better to build a HTPC - I've been getting the 'new build' urge. I plan on getting a HDTV in a year or two, but at the moment I'm stuck with a 32" (I think) Sharp CRT TV which has served me well since 1998. I want to build a HTPC to replace my DVD recorder, but will I be able to connect it to my old TV? If so, what cables/adaptors do I need? Do I need a specific type of graphics card? The TV has scart and AV inputs, and I would like to output sound through the TV's built-in speakers, which are very good!
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You need a video card with an s-video output, they come with adapters that go from s-video to RCA. You will need a splitter cable (Mini to RCA) for the audio.
What is Scart? Never heard of that.

I have my HTPC hooked up to my 32" CRT and as far as a HTPC (I use Windows Media Center) it works just fine. You can forget about using it as a computer though. CTR TV's have horrible resolution as a monitor screen (I have mine set to 800x600 to be able to read the text, but nothing fits on screen correctly on the desktop).
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