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HUGE Pauses in Win7

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Ever since I installed my new 2500K, I have been getting these monstrous 20-30 second pauses in Windows 7 every 1-2 times I use my machine. It typically only happens once during the entire time my system is running, but it's annoying enough to bother me.

I'm thinking it could be either:
A) Unstable OC (unlikely since it's 100% stable the rest of the time)
B) C300 firmware (0006)
C) AVG Virus Scan
D) SB Idle Bug?

As I said, A seems unlike to me as it's 100% stable through about 3 hours of Prime95 and 50 runs of IBT at max stress. Plus, the system doesn't BSOD, it just hangs for about 20-30 seconds and then everything comes back to life. Oddly enough, the mouse still moves around! It's just that nothing can be clicked.

B seems like a possibility, but an unlikely one as I have had months of perfect usage on this SSD on my 1055T before I made the switch

C seems like a likely scenario. I hadn't noticed it anytime before, but just yesterday, I noticed that the SECOND my system came back from hanging, the "AVG Scan has started" pop up appeared on my taskbar. Makes me wonder if AVG changed something in their scan to make it go all nutty or if it's conflicting with something else...?

D doesn't seem right because I was under the impression the SB Idle Bug cause BSOD's when sitting at the desktop idle.

So what do you guys suggest I do?
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Originally Posted by LemonSlice;14224384
I can vouch against B, I have 0006 on my C300 and no problems for several months.
Same here. It just started with my upgrade...
Originally Posted by SyncMaster753;14224418
If AVG is the likely culprit, uninstall it for a day and see how it goes, That's definately easiest.

Does the C300 have a newer firmware?
C300 does have a new 0007 firmware that's out that is supposed to alleviate some stuttering issues that some people had been having. However, I wouldn't call a 30 seconds hang stuttering and it certainly never did this with my 1055T.

I'll try uninstalling AVG and seeing if that really is the culprit.

Thanks to all so far!

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Originally Posted by trueg50;14224547
Test your overclock.

Memtest for +12 passes, Prime 95 small FFT's for 24 hours, then large FFT's.

90% of the time people complain about "x randomly crashing" or "Y randomly freezing/BSOD" then it is their unstable overclock.

If AVG virus scan turns out to not be the issue, I will go crazy with stress testing.

Unfortunately, I pay my own electric bill and I'm not trying to run my PC at full tilt for 24 hours if I can help it.
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