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It's a high fin per inch rad so you'll want decent cfm 120x38mm fans on it for the higher static pressure that fat fans have.

These are decent...Pana 120 x 38mm Medium Speed Case Fan 87CFM 36dBA at SVC.com

These are what I use for rad fans...Pana 115cfm

The GTS is a pretty flow restrictive rad, I'd only use it if I just had to have a real skinny rad that still cools well.

A old BIX would cool about the same using the above fans..Black Ice XtremeIII Radiator ..They have 240's there also.

What all are you putting on your rad? I'd do a 240 for just CPU and a 360 is your adding or might add a GPU to it later on.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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