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[HWC] Sapphire HD 5750 Vapor-X 1GB Video Card Review

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As I already mentioned, the HD 5750 1GB was launched into a highly competitive market segment and believe it or not, Sapphire isn’t asking for too much of a premium for their Vapor-X version. However, we noticed some interesting goings on as of late with the price of this card in relation to its reference-based brethren. It seems like many sites south of the border are currently selling it for about the same price as a bone stock HD 5750 which makes it a surprisingly good value. Here in Canada though, we are looking at a price premium of around $20 which does tend to indicate that equal pricing at US retailers is only temporary. Granted, the addition of a custom heatsink and the fact that Sapphire’s Vapor-X also sports some minor overclocks should go a ways to alleviating any buyer’s remorse here in Canada but it is still like to see our pricing structure mirroring that of the US.


Nice temps and it's quiet. Win | Win.
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