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HWMonitor / Core Temp question

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I noticed today that when in Core Temp, one of my cores has a (!) next to it. It wasn't like that before, so I was wondering what was up with that. I also noticed that the VID fluctuates from 1.100 to 1.250 (stock) which causes the cpu frequency to jump around from 1000mhz to 2611mhz (stock). Is all this supposed to happen?? I never noticed any of this in core temp before but maybe I wasn't paying attention.

ALSO, Is it possible to achieve more readings from HWMonitor? Is it my MB that is only allowing for a few listings? I have seen some where it shows voltages, and fans all in one list. Here are some screenshots for the topics I discussed.

Core Temp


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EIST is Intel's Speedstep settings. It messes with the mutliplier to reduce CPU speed and power usage and it's utter crap. I have no idea what the equivilent is on an AMD processor, but either way that's the CPU freq things. Don't know about the (!)
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