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Hyper TX3 Repair

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I bent some of the fins of my tx3 while attaching the fan incorrectly. Whats the best way you could suggest to straighten them out? also do you think my temps are a little bit off? at 3.6 ghz OC my temps reach 68C and 67C for both cores while using IBT. whats the best way to apply the TIM on this thing?
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Wrap some needle-nose pliers (tips) in electrical tape to prevent marring the fins and use them to flatten/straighten the fins.
thanks! i'll try to do that this weekend. but do you think my temps are off or is it normal since its IBT?
Your temps are acceptable as IBT generally heats up the core(s) more than it's counterpart stress-testers.

The TIM application varies depending upon the physical architecture, generally I will apply a dot in the center of the IHS, or a line that bisects the cores.
oh i gave the wrong info. I got 64C 63C at stock using IBT and ran prime95 when i OCd my procie which ran at 68C and 67C. It isn't acceptable now right?
Those temperatures (although warm-ish) are still acceptable (67~68C @ load).

You are using air-cooling and IBT produces a thermal load/output that no game or application (afaik) will match or exceed, imho your "safe".
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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