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Just a heads up for the US guys that are thinking about going to CES. Kingston are hosting a little BYOC freestyle event, free Ln2, some prizes and competitions. You don't need a pass or anything, just register and walk on in on the day
. 19 seats left right now.


On January 8, HyperX provides space, LN2 and prizes in a freestyle overclocking session following the HyperX OC TakeOver World Finals at CES 2015. Register here to apply for one of the 20 seats (10 tables) and join HyperX for a day of overclocking!

HyperX provides cash and hardware prizes for scoring records and hitting specific target scores. At the Caesar's Palace there will be 20 seats available. Registrants may pair up with a fellow overclocker. To register, submit your best Kingston/HyperX Memory Clock score. Participants will be selected randomly. Note: this is a Bring Your Own Hardware event. HyperX may provide supporting hardware. The HyperX OC TakeOver CES 2015 Freestyle is open to all overclockers attending CES 2015.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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