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I <3 server 08

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Seriously this is awesome. So much quicker then XP on my system, it works flawlessly. I even have aero enabled and everything is so snappy and it all works. The only trouble i had was finding drivers that would work with my GPU, i had to revert to the early Vista drivers, but other then that, Server 08 is teh sex!!!

I has a new favorite OS!!!
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I would have switched to Server 08, but my university only offers the 32bit version

Oh well, Windows 7 isn't that far off.
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Vista drivers *are* Server 08 drivers.

Let us know how games run with it!
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I get no lag with Company of Heroes on High settings on 6600GT. I'll fraps it right now.
Im getting about 20fps which is okay i guess, but i am also using the 97.46 drivers which could be a reason why. I am going to try some newer drivers see how it goes.
Just use Vista drivers, they're the exact same thing.
Exact same situation as XP64 and Windows Server 2003 x64
i gotta use the 32bit drivers because i could only get 32bit server 08 from dreamspark
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