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I 7 gaming rig appraisal

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Hi guys,
since I'm going to university next year and got into a better school then expected (Camebridge, yay) My parents told me that I have to pay part of the tuition. SO I'm selling my sig rig gaming rig. I will probably not do a part out since that would take too long (if your guys opinion differ please point that out)
To my computer
most of the parts are between 4-6 months old and haven't been used much since I only do slight gaming. Most of the cables are sleeved and they are in good condition.
Antec 1200 + case fas were switched to yateloon fans
Gigabyte X58-UD5
Intel Core I7 C0 lapped to mirror finish ability to overclock to 4.0 Ghz
2x GTX 285 SLI 735/1588/1332 from some small company
CORSAIR XMS3 6GB (3 x 2GB) 1600 7/7/7/21 i think
2x Western digital 150gb Velocity raptor *raid 0*
1x 1tb WD cavier black
pioneer 22x Lightscribe drive +50 lightsribe dvds
Corsair HX 1000 W cables were not sleeved only extensions
creative X-fi extreme audio
Noctua NH-U12P *mirror finish lapped* 2 yateloon fans
sunbeam rheobus extreme
NZXT Sentry LX
LG 22" 1680x1050 i believe forgot the number can't be bothered to check it's about 140-150 bucks
Razer Lycosa
Roccat Kone
Razer Destructor
Need for speed Shift
I think that's it
What would be the best way to charge? should I get any fee for the work that I did like sleeving or should I just sell it for the price that all of the components cost together on newegg?
thanks for your help
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I just need to know how much I should charge for the whole bunch
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1500$ - 1900$ depending on how used and u abused your stuff is.
would there be a better return if you just sold it part by part?
yea, I believe you would do better by parting it out. Although you have to watch out because of the shipping. It also matters where you sell it. Ebay will probably get you more as a bundle if you can get some ignorant person to buy it.

Normally, people sell:
$$$ bundle > $$$ each piece retail

But in your case, it is not a *New* system, so it is a bit different.
BTW, you might want to get rid of those GPUs before their value drops.

EDIT: I thought OP asked previous post, but, still applies.
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i would part it out. it might take longer but in the end you'll make more
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