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I am determined to hit 3 Ghz!

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Well, I found out last weekend what my highest possible overclock is on my 3700, 2.95 with 1.65 vcore. Specs to follow:
2-2-2-5 Timings, I can do CAS 1.5, but apparently there's a performance hit associated with 1.5?
Vcore 1.65, Vdimm 3.5, Vchipset 1.6, LDT 1.2.

I'm able to do 3.0 ghz, 300*10, but it's not stable. I started to bump up the vcore, and in OCCT, I noticed that as vcore increased, the test failed closer to finishing, so I concluded that as I juiced it up more, stability did increase, but I was running 1.75 vcore before I backed off at 295*10 at 1.65 vcore, where I'm comfortable. Is there another route I should take besides trying to juice it up, or is this the limit of the chip?
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What are you idle and full load temps? You may need better cooling to break the 3.0ghz mark. If you're on air, a 1.65Vcore, may be pushing your temps a little high. I'm surprised noone has pointed this out yet...
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