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I am in a pickle!

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So, i'm starting my 2nd gaming Rig build, and i'm torn between several cases.
a bit more detail so you lot can help me, i'll be going for an i5 build, more likely with only one GTX2**, 4 HDD's, with one more possibly on the way. I'll be having 1/2 optical drives, with an Aerocool touch 2000(2u fan controller) and a 850 modular PSU, i'll be starting with air cooling, and down the line, may be switching to a large watercooling set up, and i'd to have 2 loops, so i'd need room for 2 120mm rads, but can easily go for a 240mm rad if needbe.
So, these are what i've selected it to, i've picked ones larger than my Antec P182, because i'm getting a bit cramped in there now ^^

Corsair Obsidian 800d - it's massive, got fantastic cable management, the hot swap HDD's are great for me (lots of media work, and not having to use eSATA) but, air cooling isn't too good on it, i hear, so i'd whack a uber 120mm fan to intake air. £185

Coolermaster ATCS 840 big aswell, removable mobo tray, good cable management, lots of air circulation, problem is, i wouldn't be able to do my two loop W/C. £140

Coolermaster Cosmos S slightly smaller than the rest of the others, but it just looks lovely, reason i bought the 182 was because it was a bit different, which is the reason why i don't like the 932(?) and the big led filled bling computers, but i do want to have some fun with UV and cold cathodes, which is why i like this(and the corsair), with the side fan and window i have let my creative side loose. plus it has room for a triple rad. £160

Thermaltake Armour+ just because it's a really good looking case, it's lacking in fans, i'd prefer at least 2 intakes, and 2/3 exhausts and as far as i can tell, very poor cable management, even though it has removable mobo tray. £110

SilverStone TJ10 Annoyingly, i've now seen this and i like it, alot. It's got the window 3 120mm exhausts, HDD cooling and the sidevented fan infront of the HDD's, i can't really see much intake fans, correct me if i'm wrong however. Removable mobo tray, good colour scheme. one Q about it, can it fit 12" gfx cards, as i might require to add one at a later date. £185
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watercooling = corsair 800d, if you are going to be cooling CPU/MB and then GPU it would work, you could even put in a 360 and 240 rad and have everything on one loop too

if all that stuff it watercooled subpar airflow wouldn't be that big of a problem, the watercooling might require a little modding tho
Go for the obsidian. It's air cooling performance is fine. People's whining mostly stemmed from a lack of knowledge on the intended air flow over the HDD bays. Testing has shown that it's fine.
Well, i've narrowed it down a LITTLE bit, basically took the obvious ones off, in order of which one i want:

1: Coolermaster ATCS 840

2: Corsair Obsidian 800d

3: SilverStone TJ10

Somebody help me pick!
I would go for the corsair Obsidian 800D.
For one its has watercooling space in mind. You also have plenty of space with efficient space for all your needs and the quality of the corsairs cases are pretty nice.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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