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I am thinking about writing a OC guide for newbies(intel only)...

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The one I want to make is all in lamen terms so that even one know to pc's would know roughly what I am talking about. I would like to explain the different parts of OC (voltages like vcore, termination, etc..) and what each does.

Is there anyone willing to help me compile this?

Links I have found that are useful for later use:

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I think its a great idea. If I may add to what your saying, maybe use common everyday refferences that can help people get the idea. KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. LOL I usually use car refs. around here. The NASCAR State. Alabama. Like the FSB is like the Cam in a engine. The CPU is the Carb. and so forth. God Bless you in your new venture and the best way to go from here is to start NOW. Get Errr Done....
That was what I was thinking about doing. I need to find a source that I can learn these things and understand them to put them into terms a newbie can understand.
It really is a great idea...however...I will point out that it is very hard to generalize some of the ins-and-outs of overclocking multiple brands of Motherboards and CPU's. I think the hardest part will be just figuring out what is universal to all of them (ie. speedstep, FSB, etc.) and making your guide about those things only.

I can see the main things the readers will be looking for (and remember this is going to be geared towards the inexperienced overclockers) is going to be exact settings to OC to. Unfortunately - it's hard to collect the exact vcore and FSB for every board and CPU combo.

Anyway - I wish you luck in this endeavour...and I hope you are able to put it together - as I know I would have loved you and Rep'd the heck out you if this had been around when I did my first OC.

Originally Posted by Lord Xeb View Post
That was what I was thinking about doing. I need to find a source that I can learn these things (and have so they are not too complicated for me to understand) and then put them into newbie reference.
Wait? your going to write a guide about overclocking But you need to learn first?

Im not critisising if so, i just dont understand your post.
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Yeah, tell me about it. I was in the same boat you were in (and this was the first build I have ever overclocked on) and since then, I have learned a lot!

Edit: What I mean by learning, is to get a better understand of how to put my guide in terms a first timer can use to their benefit. I am going to try and explain the best I can in terms every day people can understand, but to do that, I need to know what each part of overclocking is equal to. This is what I mean by learning.
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