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Okay, I am fairly familiar with computers, but this is terrible
Anyway my problem is that on one of my alternate computers I cannot for the life of me install either my spare 5670 or my on-board video


Win 7 Prof 64bit
Gig H55n itx
I3 550
4gb ddr3 Kingston

and AMD 5670 1gb or On-board video

Okay here is where I start I normally use this comp as a portable rig/ backup rig and I have not used it in about a month. Then this weekend I took the GTX 465 out of it to give to my friend, so I put my spare 5670 back in it.

1. I uninstall the NVIDIA stuff and try to install the ATI driver (current) and it gives me an error saying 2 of the ATI drivers were not digitally signed (hard to believe) and basically it does not work.

2. I go through a spiel of using driver sweeper in safe mode to make sure everything is removed and try again with some slightly older drivers same issue.....

3. I try on-board with the driver from Gigabyte and it has 1 driver that is not signed does not work.....

4. I bypass the stupid digitally signed driver issue with the CMD prompt script. and reinstall again. no error but it is not working properly both on-board or 5670

basically when i do the install their is still no CCC or Intel HD graphics options and my res is all jacked as if nothing is installed

5. Now it gives me this error too when I install 598 also in device manager it shows this 72

6. I try and manually install the driver by updating it but it says it is up to date.

I really do not know what to do at this point..... never experienced this

-thanks in advance,


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Ignore the error message because the VC++ in system is newer than what included in Catalyst.

Do not use auto update utility or download AMD graphics drivers from Windows Update.

Download and install the official WHQL 11.12 AMD Catalyst 11.12 WHQL 8.921.5 Dec 29 WHQL download from ...

If the above doesn't work, download this AMD Catalyst 11.12 WHQL 8.921.5 Dec 29 WHQL download from ...

Extract it to a folder, then from Device Manager under Display Adapter or "unknown device" > right click and select "update drivers" > browse it to the folder where the drivers are extracted to > install.

That should get it done.


Avoid Driver Sweeper if possible. It might have whacked something out of the OS not related to graphics drivers.

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thanks, ya i will try when I am home. I know not to use windows auto drivers, but when I try and update the 5670 manually it just says that it is up to date. I will go through all the steps yall posted when i get home.

thanks again


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