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I can't sign in to Perfect World?

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I've heard its one of the best free MMORP's so I thought I would try it, anyways created my account installed game, but when I launch it and after I choose my server it always says my username,password is incorrect. I know its right.
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This is probably something you should consult the Perfect World support about. Sounds to me like the server is down, probably for maintenance.
Can you login to account management with the account info you specified?
sounds like this "perfect world" of yours isn't so "perfevt" after all
Originally Posted by Mit Namso;13070801
sounds like this "perfect world" of yours isn't so "perfevt" after all
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Here's just more proof that nothing can be "perfect"
I'd wait for awhile and try to sign in again. If not, re-install.
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I'd would try their support team, or a re-install however, I'm not sure who told you Perfect World is "great", In my opinion Perfect World is not that great. Not "horrible" but not great. It's got a distinctive Asian themed style if that's your thing.

LOTRO is one of the best F2P MMOs out there, especially considering it's not a "normal" F2P mmo but you only unlock more content with spending money, buying things doesn't give you any kind of advantage or anything. You also gain a bunch of "points" by playing. My younger brother has almost unlocked the entire game without spending a dime.

It is perhaps only good if you enjoy LOTR though. I LOVE the lore in LOTR, so I love LOTRO in return.
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