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I could use a bit of help here.

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Awhile ago, I was running an 8800GT, then for some reason or another, the card went out. So I grabbed my old, crappy, artifacting x1950, and started using it for a bit. During gameplay, my PC would run smoothly for about 10 seconds, then get all choppy. if I went into a menu ingame, the smoothness would return, but for only 10 seconds. After getting tired of all that, I went and had my buddy lend me a 9500GT till I had the money to buy a new card. But for some reason, the same problem is occuring. As you can see in my SIG, I have all the required stuff to play left 4 dead smoothly, yet it is constantly lagging out after 10 seconds. Does anyone have any idea what the cause could be?
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I was playing on all low settings, at 800x600.
The 9500Gt should be able to do that no prob. Now have u overclocked the CPU?
No, I have not, everything is stock. I have all the CPU-Z information, is there a way for me to upload all of it, without having to take screenshots or something?
I was able to run everything fine with my 8800GT, would overclocking suddenly make it better, and not freeze like crazy?
Im not sure. Also have u tryed to delete all the old drivers and install new?
Yes, everything has been cleaned, pretty much a new install of windows too.
I would try to overclock the CPU. and then get eVGA percision and over clock the videocard a little and set the fan to 100% if u can.
Ok yes it is the Videocard. There is a world of difference in the 9500GT and 8800GT.
the 9500 has 32SP and the 8800GT has 112Sp there is your trouble. HERE look. overclock the videocard and CPU but it wont help much.

http://www.nvidia.com/object/product...9500gt_us.html 9500GT

http://www.nvidia.com/object/product...800_gt_us.html 8800GT
Thanks for the replies. How come the game runs completely smooth for 10 seconds though?
Ill bet the card is running at 100% load and gets hot. Think the 9500Gt is about the same as a 8600Gt.
I just put two bigass fans directly on the card, and it still does it :\\
u are not understanding the card does not have the power to not be lagy.
The thing is, my friend has almost EXACTLY the same rig as me, and he can play it fine with the 9500. There are dozens of videos on youtube of people playing left 4 dead with the settings on high, all with the 9500gt.
Still nothing, I have no idea what the heck is causing this problem.
I reccomend you clean your rig regularly.
And mentioning your temps may be beneficial.
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