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I don't dare using computers

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Well. First of all I couldn't find a "general computing talk" forum so I will post it here, forgive me if it's posted in the wrong forum.

Either way, a few months ago my computer suddenly broke - I don't know what was the cause but the mobo, gpu and psu was affected - I had to reformat my HDD and lost lots of things (although I still had backups).

After that - I don't "dare" using computers anymore and I am kinda scared of them. It's not the first time things break for me, but I can't remember what I did or how I thought back then which got me back to computers.

Has this happened to anyone? I am kinda afraid of turning off my PC one day and next day it won't start or I will lose all data or something.

Not supposed to be a "cry-thread" just want to see how others think. Are PC's really that unreliable? I don't trust technology anymore after that.

Although my previous PC was kinda my fault for picking a crap PSU, I think? It was a NorthQ so that probably died and took some other parts with it.

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I'd have to agree, bad PSU took everything with it when it croaked. Get something half-decent next time, Corsair and PCP&C are considered the best quality.
It really depends on what tech you have. Trusted brands are far less likely to crap out on you then cheap no names.
parts crapout from time to time
. but pc problems are fun puzzles if my pc ran great all the time I dont know what I would do
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Build a PC yourself. Invest in a high Quality PSU, Mobo, and HDD, maybe even have a raid configuration that has two identical HDD's. In my experience, the most commonly failed parts are PSU's, Mobo's, and HDD's. If you purchase those with high quality in mind, you should be ok. If a stick of Ram fails, you'll post most of the time. CPU's rarely die, I have yet to see one die before the Mobo does.

Dont lose faith in Computers, they're reliable most of the time, and severe failures like yours are Extremely rare. And plus, you cant get very far without using one these days.
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Failures normally only happen to computers when low quality products are used, and they break. I have used high quality products for all of my builds and none of them have failed on me yet.
Nothing wrong with a reformat once in a while. Get a 2nd hard drive and set your documents and saves to the 2d hard drive
yup, stuff goes bad. it happens sadly

Although you're already ahead of the curve in one regard, you had backups.
I try to teach each of my client builds owners to get into a habit of making backups to disc or external drive or even just a backup partition.

I don't think I've ever been apprehensive after something croaks though. I like the puzzle figuring out what went wrong, why, etc.
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Yeah, sounds like you learned the hard way on what happens when you skimp on the power supply and buy a crappy one. So, no reason to be scared and avoid computers; just buy a quality power supply, obviously.
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