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hi there is jua little somthing i don't get...
i try to find nVidia GeForce 6200 as i am fairly interested in buying one but i always fid makes like e.g -
Erm is this like a fake copy of nVidia because it certenly has "GeForce" wrote on it.. or is it who sponsers nVidia or somthing.. what i maily wan't to know is .. is it realy nVidia or a fake, if it is how do i spot the fake makes from nVidia even when they claim to have GeForce wrote on them!

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it's an Nvidia card. that's what Nvidia calls their consumer gfx cards...
Nvidia Gforce then the model number

so my card is an Evga 7800GT CO... but the gpu it uses is an Nvidia Gforce 7800GT

here check out this:
it's a list of all the gforce video cards Nvidia makes
and here's what you're looking at the Gforce 6200

a much better card would be the 6600 if you can afford it.
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