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I finally built it! [RPG-Dominator]

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Hey guys/girls!

I finally built my machine... took long enough (especially when you have my income :p)

The specs below are an accurate representation of what my system-specs are. After building it I did q "quick" burn-in that lasted 5 hours and it appears stable/happy.

Now, before I left for work today, I set it up and let it run 3dmark06 until I get home around 7p or so, just to make sure everything is happy.

Now to the fun part, I intend to OC the CPU to about 3.8 and the graphics card I am not so sure atm. Input is always appreciated!

Let me know what you think.

I know it is not the fastest build in the world, was not going for that, just a nice, roomy, stable and versatile system... and so far it looks great to me :-D
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Originally Posted by D3TH.GRUNT View Post
very nice build my friend
great job on picking parts out.
Thanks brother... I appreciate it... I can't wait to see the benchmarking results and posting them!
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