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I found a 5850!!

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According to this site http://www.mwave.com/mwave/SkuSearch...iteria=3005533 they have some XFX 5850's in stock. Was just wondering if this was a reliable site? There website is on XFX's website but still wondering if they are reliable and safe. Thanks!
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Yeah they're reputable. That's also insanely overpriced.
by the title I thought u like found one walkin down the street or something.
Thanks guys well actually the XFX is same price as newegg.com price which was the card I wanted anyways
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Mwave is a legit site, they're headquarters is about 2 cities over from me. If they screw you over I'll walk overthere and demand your money back
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Good site, high price.

That is $100 more than I paid for my Asus.
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I could buy it right now... For me it doesn't matter the price.... I just want a GPU...

But inside of my head there is something saying that I need more than just a 5850
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Why in the hell would you spend that much on a 5850 when you could get a 5870 for $40 more
I've bought a good deal from them; def a quality site. That price however is outrageous, even with inflated prices...
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