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I guess I'm supposed to say hi

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so.. yeah.
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Hello savast! You don't have to say hello, it's sorta of an introduction of yourself for the rest of the members though, chance to brag also haha =)
Enjoy your stay here =)
Welcome to the most live house party on the net baby.
wo0t i feel loved
Welcome. Make sure you fill out your system specs in your user cp. That way if you have questions, you won't have 10 posters asking you to do the same thing in advance (happened to me!).
yarrrr... i filled out what i can remember off the top of my head.. systems pretty stock tho.
Hello! Welcome to the forum... You should probably think about changing your signature... Maybe try something a little more politically correct. like, "pimp slap," would work better than those dastardly asterisks.

Most woman don't like being referred to as dogs. However; if you're referring to yourself as a pimp and they get slapped it must've been their own damn fault. I'll stop now before they create a REP- button just for me...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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