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I have 2 Opteron 144s...

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I have read through a bunch of threads, and I know they arent the best (like CABYE/CABNE), but I got ahold of 2 brand new opteron 144 CAB2Es. I want to know if the numbers on them make them any different, so I can figure which one to eBay and which one to fire up. They are:


Thank you for any input! Cant wait to OC one of these!
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Since you say you already have a system and trying to figure out which one is better I personally would put each one in and do so normal testing and O/C if that is what you are going to do with the CPU and see which one runs better in your system...

As a couple of years I ago I used to do a lot of O/Cing with the amd 2400+ 35w mobile cpu and I would order 3 at a time and do testings on each one and several times I would get the same steppings and release dates on each on and would still find that one would O/C better than the other...even though they were identical...also found a couple that I had ordered that were not supposed to be good O/Cers but ended up being much better than rated....

So like I said I would personally try each one out and do some stress tests...Also just because there is not any or very much info out there on the other CPU doesn't mean it might no be the bigger O/C cpu of the 2...

You might be selling the better of the 2 unless you try them out or wait for more replies....and more research...
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