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I have 7750 BE - problem?

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OK, I have been experiencing a problem with my PC when booting from cold.

When ever I start from cold I get the error message 'windows failed to start' with the standard set of options. Windows will then boot no matter what option I choose (start windows normally, use last known good config, safe mode etc etc). If I then reboot XP will load with no problems.

As I already said this problem only happens when
the PC is booted from cold.

I have done a clean install of XP to eliminate the possibility that it was software related. Reinstalled my HD4870 graphics card. Wound my 7750 AMD BE back to its stock speed (2.7GHz) and generally changed everything back to default.

I have absolutely no idea what is causing this problem and its very annoying. Has anyone had a similar issue? Or does anyone know how to fix it?
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i had a problem with windows after i changed my mobo and cpu... it worked fine at first then it slowed down and started getting all this wierd slow downs... so instead of reformating i bought another HDD
and i did a clean install of XP but i have the old win xp cd that doesnt have sp2 with it so everytime i install and tried to update everything will slow down and cannot access microsoft website for access... well what im saying is that there are trojans that can store your IP in a different server and attack you everytime you turn it on and possibly damaged your installation of Win XP... then again its probably your PSU that is going bad
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