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I have a couple [email protected] questions

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My main question is why (no matter if i high performance version or the system tray version) i can't use 100% of my cpu unless i have 2 different instances running. If you have any suggestions on what to do/try please let me know

My other one WAS with the GPU but i found that even at stock speeds it says my video card isn't stable... I may need to get a 4870 or 4850x2 soon
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You are running a C2D cpu so in theory you are running 100% of your CPU, if you look at your performance in your task manager it show that you are using 75% of one core and 25% of the other, in turn using 100% of your CPU. However, this is a virtual dual core processor, and in theory "so to speak" you have 200% of your CPU available. Think of it this way, you have 2 cores, each core is 100%. Hope this makes sense. [email protected] clients are designed to use the idle processes of your rig. Not to bog them down and run at full bore 24/7.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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