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I have a problem, and I need some help.

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I bought a new graphics card (9600GT) a few days ago. I installed it on Friday, and games started lagging horribly on Sunday. I tried reinstalling some new drivers, but it did NOT help at all. Can someone give me some advice.
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Did you use Driver Cleaner Pro to completely remove the old drivers...

That could be causing you some issues...Other then that I don't know what could be the issue...

Good luck getting it all fixed though...
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Which drivers did you install? The newest most current ones or what?
Looks like http://www.nvidia.com/object/winvist...2.08_whql.html is the most current right there.

And what is the temp it's running at?

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Make sure you aren't still set to Onboard graphics in the bios ?
OMG, I am so stupid, I had to take out the card yesterday to take out a hard drive. I forgot to plug the 6-pin power cable back in... lol. Sorry for wasting your time guys.
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At least you realized what you did rather than having that problem keep on going on and on
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