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I have a question about ram timings...

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Okay, so I just recently bought a i7-4770k along with an Asus maximus vi formula mobo and I was looking at getting some faster ram to go along with it. I currently have some Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz @ 9-9-9-24. I was looking into some Corsair Vengeance Pro ram. There are two sets I was looking at, both priced exactly the same (on Newegg). One is a 2133mhz kit @ 9-11-11-31 and the other is a 2400mhz kit @ 11-13-13-31. One ignorant in the way of ram (such as myself) would argue that 2400mhz would be faster because of the bigger number , BUT if that were the case then why would it be the same price as a "lesser" product?

So I guess my question is, which one of these kits is the better performer? Or does my current ram beat both? Will there be any difference in gaming performance (even marginally)?

The main reason I'm even considering upgrading is cause the vengeance pro is red and the ram I have now is bright ass blue, completely clashes with my theme! I also heard haswell favors faster ram for overclocking and gaming.

Any help or advice will be much appreciated!
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Go for the "2133mhz kit @ 9-11-11-31" and overclock the ram to 2400Mhz with the same timings with the same voltage or a tad more, like 1.675v - 1.7v.

Faster ram helps in minimum FPS a little bit imo. And if you get into bench marks, it'll help there also.
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