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Ok, i was on ebay a month ago and saw a guy selling a whole lot of watercooling stuff so i bought it along with these 2 fans, supposedly aluminum. Didn't think much of it so anyways, i get this package the other day, that weights a whole lot more than i was expecting, like a whole lot. Inside are there 2 fans with the following specs:

Size : 120mm x 120mm x 38mm
Weight : 0.55Kg
Material : Aluminum
Speed : 2750 rpm
power : 220 - 240V, 13 - 15W

So finally yesterday i hook them up to the power outlet, very skeptical, i use a piece of wood to switch the plug on, and WOW!!!. It sounds like a turbine of a jet starting up, then get spinning faster until the fans area at full tilt. OMW these things can push air OMW!!!!
The air coming out the back of my GTX240 feels more that that of a stand alone Coolermaster R4 Sickleflow (ie not hooked up to radiator or anything). and that's after going through the dense fins of the GTX

Ill post a youtube video of them later, ill also show them starting up its awesome
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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