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Well basically, I bought two hdd's a while back before ridiculous prices because I coudn't afford the capacity of SSD's I wanted so I thought Raid 0 would be fine. I've finally got enough $ now saved for new 22nm GPU's (
) so atm I'm looking to get some SSD's. I'm most likely going for some samsung 830's as I've had plenty of ssd's in laptops made by samsung (my sony vaio z's for like 3 years) and they have the marvell controller which has uniform write/reads and have less bugs compared to sandforce sf controllers. Samsung uses toggle nand so IMO this splits them from crucial etc.

Anyway, my issue is that last month I set up Raid 0 using the intel control+m thingy while posting and used the drivers from the CD and I couldn't get windows to recognize my Raid 0 volume. Therefor I currently have the OS on one of my seagate 1tb HDD's (and this is connected using the sata 3gb/s port). I'm considering buying two 256gb samsung 830's, however if I cannot install Raid 0 on them it'll be a waste, and I'm only looking to put OS, School files (lots of graphs and documents), installers, downloads (not media files l) and I'd like to have LOTS of headroom on it. I've seen some people in reviews, which I do not deem trustworthy, declaring that you need a usb floppy and floppy disks (for some absurd reason) to use raid on this motherboard, and I really hope that's not the case.

Any insights/experiences/sources/info is appreciated, and thanks for reading.

  • I have windows 7.
  • I'm booting windows 7 using a dvd.
  • I was using everything stock and have no issues with my Mobo
  • Edits were GRAMMAR SPELLING.
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