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I have put 2 picture of this build.

Q1: So if I run this setup for 24-48h with pump on and no leaks I'm good to go?

Q2: It seems like I have kink between res and waterpump, beside more resistance does this mean the tube will break aswell?

Q3: I connected a tube with fitting to fillport hole on case, but this metod is wery difficult as it is almost impossible to fit a tube with fitting to reservoire what other ways are there?

Q3a: So once I filled the reservoire and run couple of times I took out with big effort fillport tube and put on door on reservoir where fillport tube was, now there is air, how will this air be released from system?!

Q4: How do I bleed system now?
Q5: How do I drain and refill once I put in GPU + External radbox?
Q6: I want to drill out the harddrive cage but where can I install the res, there is no holes to install it.

Q7: The holes in the top of case where too big to screw in M3x30 screw to rad, so I had to use 4 screws for fans to case and 4 screw fan to radiator, is this bad?



First it seemed like my reservoire is leaking however now it seems like it might have been water from when I overfilled the res.

Now there is a 15cm (5inch) long air bubble when I turn off the PSU the air bubble goes throug cpu block and into reservoir.

My current goal is to add a external radbox + 360 rad and add a 7970.

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1: In theory yes

2: tube wont break, but you really dont want any kinks. You should rearrange things so that you dont have any kinks... From the look of thinks in your picture, you could rotate your pump 180* and just use a very short piece of tube going from your res to the pump.

3: I simply took off the top of my res and filled it with a funnel connected to some extra tubing. I found the fillport to be difficult because the water didnt flow easilly into the loop, and I didnt feel like messing with it. I have both the inflow and outflow on the bottom of my res though.

3a and 4: you just have to run the pump, rock your case around to get the air bubbles loose, and be patient. If your pump is variable speed, jack it all the way up.

5: I have a dedicated T fitting with a drain line for this. It doesnt drain the entire system, but it does make it alot easier.

6: You will have to drill holes! I removed my hard drive cage for a radiator. Its not that big of a deal if you have a grasp of what you are doing. Oh yeah, and you cant put it back in after you drill out rivets

7: As long as you didnt cross thread the screws, and you didnt use screws that were so long so that they hit your fins and/or tubes in the radiator, you should be fine. I would double check to make sure you arent making contact with any of the fins or tubes to be safe (you should catch any leaks in the event that you did with that 24hr leak test in #1)

After looking at your pictures again, you might try switching the in and out tubing on your cpu block, that will help get the air out. If your 'out' is the top port in the block, the air stuck in it will float to the top and run out easier...
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