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I just thought...about ATI's situation

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With the release of the x1900xt...when you think about it, in numbers...their release of this card seems like Nvidia's release of their 7800gtx and gt. The x1900xtx has more shaders, near same clocks as it's little brother the x1800xt. So at this point it seems the x1900xtx is made to compete with the 7800gtx and the x1800xt with the 7800gt? Does this mean ATI has something up their sleeve for the 7900gtx? Because I don't really believe the x1900xtx can take it on unless some shader intensive games come out.
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Originally Posted by Krunk_Kracker

I just wonder why it took ATI so long to release a comparible card.

they might be holding back, and returning with something über while nvidia only has the 7900gtx
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