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I keep losing Dvi signal during gaming (5850)

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Hey guys,

This is my 2nd card from an Rma. Its the xfx 5850. Whenever I game I lose Dvi signal and I have tried using the vga and I lost connection once. I have to replug the cable and sometimes it goes back to normal but that is not ideal during gaming. My temps are fine so that shouldn't be the problem. I have contacted Xfx and they said the Graphics card shouldn't be the problem. I am on the latest graphics drivers. Anyone know what is going on? I still don't know what is going on.
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I would venture to say tha the card is broken but ... have you tried it in another PC? What if your ASUS MOBO has a problem?
Do you have another cable plugged in as well? I had an old card that when an HDMI and DVI were both plugged in, it would sometimes kills the DVI.
it could be the card, i had 3 different 4890s and all three caused my dell 2408wfp to black out multiple times a day. bought a 5870 worked fine, even worked with a 4870 fine... some series may just have a bug or what not
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So you guys think I should do another Rma? I only one one plug in. How do you think its the motherboard? This is so lame! This is so stupid!
I feel your pain. Hope mine doesn't do this.
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