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i know almost nothing about Intel CPUs...can i swap this out?

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my gf's got an emachine (i know...) that has a intel Celeron processor, im not positive on the details, but i know it runs at 2.0 ghz, and the mobo is an ECS 945GCT-M3 v1.10

is it possible to upgrade the cpu to a dual core model? what do i need to look into to upgrade it? (im hoping to get her a different case at some point as well, that emachine box has no fans.
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no you cant fit a dual core in a celeron socket


oops sorry...dint notice you had posted the board model...
my bad...
if it has an lga775, it will support some core2duos
AFAIK, That board can support up to the E7300 C2D, 1066 FSB.

to clarify the above, this board is LGA775.
i dont know anything about intel cpu's, not even what the names stand for
Its an LGA775 socket so yes you can use a dual core cpu if you wish. Just might need to update the bios on the board.

Edit: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16819116075
Like mentioned, it can probably support c2d with bios updates. I looked on the ECS site and all that I could find was a v3. of the same mb. THe latest bios mentions an E4500.

I don't think that a 45nm chip will work, but who knows. I'd say that it's safe to assume that a 65nm 1066 c2d should work. This is based on the v3 bios, I couldn't find a v1.10 anywhere on their site.
I had that same mobo in an emachines except that it was v3 and I was able to upgrade it to an E2160 without BIOS update. Your v1.1 might be different though, I would definitely update your BIOS though like the others have stated. I couldnt find anything either on the v1.1 either so its hard to say for sure.
Some 945's had support for the Core 2 line and some did not. What is the exact model number of the PC?
yeah, i cant find any info on the v 1.10 either
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