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I need a radiator

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Please recommend me a good 360 rad, or a 240 that performs better than the swiftech mcr240. Budget around $150. Thanks.
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well MCR320QP is a good 360 rad. If you can spend $150 though.
Black Ice Extreme GTX 360
Thermochill PA 120.3
Feser 360

My vote goes to the BIX GTX
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Thanks much, forgot to mention I have panaflo fba12g12u fans to go on it.
Would a 480 be better? As Im planning on adding nb sb and pwm blocks?
A 360 rad can easily cool a cpu and gpu. I wouldn't add the nb or sb or pwm blocks. I would just get normal heatsinks for them.
So the bix is my best option? I have the mcp655 non variable pump and the fans listed above.
Well since u brought up watercooling the gpu instaed of the chipset, what block? I was going to assemble a loop with the 240 I have dedicated to the gpu. What you think?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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