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Hello everyone,

I'm new in this site and I'm asking if you guys could help me. Sorry to jump right away on the subject I"ll have to admit that I'm not poroud of what I did.

I was trying to follow the guide of Freaxy and I did a desoldering mistake:doh:.

Whyle I was trying to remove that bridge shown in his picture, I removed accidentally the soldering spot completly. I can't solder the wire there anymore.

The picture is attached to my post to help you guys to understand what i mean.

Is there any other way I could install a switch to control those led or they wont even work with my mistake ?? Hope not

I was trying to figure out from these mods done on an other fan:

But not sure if it'll work because I think I'm bypassing the resistors.

Hoping that you guys will be abble to understand and give me a little tip to continue my moding.

I regard

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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