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I need help to open back cover on LG monitor 34 inch (34GP950G-B) to replacing damage LCD screen

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Hi all,
I am trying to open the back cover of this monitor cause LCD panel damage.
I cannot remove the rear panel becouse It's like there are some invisible hidden bolts or plastic block pin to remove before.
Can anyone help me understand how to disassemble? I've searched for videos etc but can't find anything like this monitor.
Removing along the sides the panel seems to come off, but on the middle central part of the cover it is as if there are still some invisible bolts.

I state although it may seem strange that the LCD panel of this LG monitor has shattered internally without having suffered any impact or shock. The panel just turned on the monitor and crashed internally. Externally the LCD panel is absolutely free of marks or scratches. However, LG does not accept warranty repairs. The monitor is only a few months old and I guarantee that no one has handled or bumped it.

Thanks in advances
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