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i need help

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the temp was high on CPU so i changed the orignal fan with a 4000RPM and also i add 3 more fans 2 pull and one inside 15cm fan (push) over the motherboard

before when i check the temp on BIOS its 50-55. with windows starts i guess its rising up and sometime it restarts coz of high temp.

with the fans it lowers the temp maybe 5c or 10c max

and also sometimes when i use lot of programs the system restarts coz of the high temp.

so whats the problem, is it the room temp some times its hot or something with the fans?
can u help me guys?
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did you put thermal paste in between the cpu and the hsf?
that would be your problem then...
well thats your problem i suggest you dont use it you might fry the core

buy some artic silver 5 and put a dot in the center of your cpu and then tell us the results
sorry guys i did put thermal paste

wow im really tired didnt sleep since yesterday
hmm whats your case temps at also download mother board monitor 5 it a program that you can check your temps by not going to the bios
i have it and the case temps is 28c.

btw i had the air conditon on, and i had the problem when it was off, so could it be the room's temp?
Could be, my CPU temps go about 5-6C above normal when the AC is off
ill check with the AC on and i will let u know the results
maybe you should think of a new heatsink and fan?
i also had high temps, so i bought new cooling. my temps now are 35-38 max!
before they were 50+ and not oced! now it's running @ 2100 MHz

so maybe that's a good solution!
Well if nothing else works i would get a new cpu cooler with a solid copper heatsink
well guys the temp is max 40 here, already changed the fan+heatsink + adding more fans

so its 2 normal case fan pulls and one zalman over the MB and the processor fan 4000RPM.

i dont think its the heat, it might be
1> voltage
2>r the graphics card (ATI with MSI AMD)?
3> the RAM.
4> it could be softwere problem or some kind of virus.

what do u think guys?
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40 Max is a good temp

Originally Posted by YiffyGriffy

40 Max is a good temp

Really good!! You're 15C away from the hot zone.
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