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i rebuilt my system ,look

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i just finished rebuilding this system and man was it a hassle to CRAM everything in there with out breaking it lol ,these pics were taken by my phone so excuse the quality plz ,and PLZ tell me what u think of my system, The Raptor

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all I can say is....you need to be introduced to Mr. Zip-tie
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Zipties are like $5 for 100.
ok i just ran to the store and bought the zipties for a buck (look at pic) and tell me what sould i do is there a thred on how to manage my cables?

also there are some white ones too in there
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You want to group similar cables by the location they're running towards. So lets say you have a few optical drives in the top bay, and you have a few cords from your psu going to that 5¼" bay. Zip-tie those together, and also use that same zip-tie to attach them to the roof of your case. You just want to get them out of the way of the airflow as much as possible.
How is that AMD logo on there? Is it etched or is that a sticker?

Nice setup though, just needs a tad bit of tidying up on the cabling.
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the amd logo was etched but the lanparty is a sticker

and how do i tie it up to the roof of my case if its all plastic?
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Find like somewhere you can latch the ziptie to. Like maybe a hole or something. I need to rewire my case with new zipties because the way I did it with the zipties was a real big rush job.

Originally Posted by ted View Post
need a tad more cable management
A tad is an understatement.
Were that a normal case with a small window, i would say spend a little more time on the cables.

But this seems to be an all around clear acrylic case, so i'm going to have to say... Needs a lot of work, zip ties, straight lines of cables, and 90 degree bends. Hot glue and zip ties are your friend.

But on the + side it has potential.
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A better camera would do your computer better justice. Some WM would be good too.
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