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I returned my 7800gs.

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I returned my 7800gs today after a week or so of use. The card is amazing but i paid 370 with tax. I dont think its worth that much. I will continue to use my 9600xt which is still a good card until the price of the gs goes down. Anyone else feel the same?
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It may be a while, and I mean a long while before the price of that card will come down. AGP is a dying breed and if there isn't anymore progression as far as GPUs go with that interface, you may be waiting for 6 months to a year. By then, PCI-E motherboards will become as mainstream as AGP was 2 years ago. If you don't have any real need for it, then I say good call on returning it, and wait until you can build a new system with a PCI-E setup.
Yeah that's ridiculous amount of loot for the scoot...it's really one of the few options for us AGPers though....I had to ditch the AIW 9600 even though I liked the MMC thingers because it was too buggy--shredding at the edges of the screen with certain 3d apps--some sort of inbred flaw in the instruction sets or something--anyway I went to the x700pro which plays most everything good enough for me and looks way better than my old 9600 (not to mention much better benches, which helps me feel less inadequate lol)

I was quite pleased to finally be able to get a decent 3DMark05 score--which is nigh on impossible with the 9600 even when OCed to the max.
Thats what i was thinking, its pointless to spend 300 when eventually im going to not use it anyway. Im not a hard core games either, just some parts of CoD2 got me pissed when there was smoke and the fps went to 10fps. It was more an impulse and the only reason i bought it form compusa, but after a week i used it 2 times to play and it wasnt that much different in my eyes and a waste of 300 dollars. I might just get a 6600 or 6800 at a good price and live with it or stick with this 9600xt which i overclocked this time at 530/295. Thanks guys. You just reasured me.

What do you guys think of this

Wow you got RIPPED off....on newegg.com their only 299 - 319.....man where did you go?!
yeah man, if it didnt seem that much better than it wasnt worth it, just get by for now if you can.
I think Frys electronics had the GS for that price and the GT at $430 just the evga 7800GT which went for $295 on NewEgg. The GTX is just undescriptable...
If you are in the market for a new AGP card that won't kill your wallet, try the 6600GT or 6800GS... 6600GT's about $130-$150 on NewEgg, the 6800GS is around $200.
I had a Powercolor 9600xt and when i changed it with a msi 6600GT i saw a great performance boost,i was playin bf2 on 1024x768 and with the 6600gt i was able to play 1024x768 with 4xAA same for nfs most wanted so 6600GT is a great card for the bucks,6800GS agp one is not that good imo,but if you can unlock the missing 4 pipes then you got a treasure there.
I got my card from ati's refurb section for 180 to my door! With a 3 year warranty too
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I think im going to go witht the evga 6800gs. I think its a good card and nice clock speeds. And like you said wont hurt the pocket as much as a 7800gs.
Yeah the GS is supposed to be pretty nice. You can always ask PBasil1 how he likes his. He's got an AGP system.
what i find weird is the minimal differences in performance at stock between the 6800GS and the 7800 GS..both score mid 5000's in 3dmark05
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